Sunday, 29 May 2016

What I've been doing lately......

Oh dear....looks like someone hasn't blogged for a rather long while. In my defence I have been stupidly busy juggling work, family life, volunteer commitments....the list goes on but it has been crazy and I wanted to take a breath and  just sit down with my trusty laptop and write about it for a bit!

So - looking back I haven't blogged since March and so much has happened since then. Mainly consisting of work which has taken a front seat. It seems that I don't do things in halves and instead when I do something I do it all guns blazing! For me getting a job meant working part time hours a few days a week that I could juggle effortlessly with family life but we all know it is never that easy. I work as a relief support worker and I must admit I've been picking up work left right and centre which is great but I am looking forward to a week off during the half term!
After 5 years of working from home/extended maternity leave/studying for my degree - I finally took the big next step and applied for jobs. For me I felt ready to move on - both my girls were in full time school and I had worked from home and it just didn't feel 'fun' any more. I use to enjoy working from home and running a small online shop but lately things had become harder and as it became more costly to run there didn't seem to be much reward at the end of the hard work I'd been putting in. I applied for a couple of jobs and because of my family situation (basically sharing childcare between my partner and myself) I was beginning to feel as though finding the right job would be near impossible. I thought about going down the teaching route after graduating but even trying to find volunteer work in a school was a matter of jumping through hoops of fire. For me earning my own money is important and I love the feeling of being financially independent even though my partner and I share everything - nothing quite beats your own hard earn money even if it is only in your bank for a short time! I was offered a couple of jobs but mainly working as a relief worker filling in sickness and so on which at first didn't appeal - I needed guaranteed hours. But then the company I work for now explained that they could almost certainly give me as many hours as I wanted working the hours that I wanted on relief as long as I was willing to chase up the hours it wouldn't be a problem so here I am! I completely let go of my insecurities and jumped into something I knew very little about doing things every day that challenge me and scare me but I love it and am so glad I took a leap in the dark and actually found myself; the person who had been hiding away in the dark for way too long.

Wishing you a fantastic and chilled half term break
Becky xxx

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Looking Forward.....

There goes another week! Time is flying and there seems to be so much to look forward to over the next few months...Spring/Easter/warmer weather/lighter evenings/flowers in bloom....ah I could go on and on! Well there are exciting times ahead for me as I am looking at going back to work.I have been on a training course this week - it has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone - having to drive miles away, coming home late and just the simple act of walking back into a class room environment, yet it has been great. I have learnt so much and met some great people - sometimes you just need to push yourself do something scary and out there. I'l probably blog more about this over the next month but for now I thought I would post some pics of our weekend. We had a lovely time at a local park and lake then went to a secluded beach for a few hours that was just lovely. It was one of those days whereby you didn't want it to end - for me it is how a weekend should be!

Rounding the day off with a cake and cup of tea - absolutely 'ansome! I am so looking forward to this weekend.I feel like I have stepped back into working full time again - which is great I really love it - although I feel like I need Saturday and Sunday oh so badly now!!

Hope you have a great weekend whatever you decide to do!
 Bec xxx 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

National Maritime Museum Falmouth - weekend visit

I have always wanted to visit the Maritime Museum in Falmouth. I'm not entirely sure why, as I can't say I'm a huge sailing/boast enthusiast, although I do love the sea. My daughter went a few years ago and came back saying how good it was and I have always found some brilliant reviews online so we thought we would give it a go over the weekend. I have to admit for the entry fee it is such value for money as you pay once and get a year's free entry which makes a rainy day much more interesting. There always seems to be crafts/activities on and when we went we watched a few people abseil down the side of the tower for charity, very brave stuff! As you can see from the photos the girls had a great time and I actually found it really interesting, even the other half did and he isn't always one for museums. Not only did we learn lots but we found climbing the tower fun looking over Falmouth which was beautiful and going below deck to watch the tide come up and have a view of under the sea. We still didn't manage to squeeze everything in so am greatly looking forward to our next trip to the museum
. It is a great rainy day activity, or if the weather is fair the surrounding area of Falmouth is beautiful and there is always so much to do. I would seriously recommend taking a look if ever you get the chance!

 As we were in Falmouth we thought we would pop to Gullydune Gardens. It is a beautiful Victorian garden full of exotic plants and a cave with shells decorated over 150 years ago. There is a play area and cafe with a lovely walk down to the sea. It is rarely busy (at least it never seems to be when we go) so it is perfect for having a quiet stroll. The parking is free and it is free entry too so it is a lovely place to come for a bit pack a picnic and enjoy the beach when the weather behaves. We were really lucky and the weather brightened up for us too.

 Hope your Sunday was a relaxing one

Bec xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Getting out - it's been too long

The South West coastal path - I love it here.
I feel like the last few months have been full of days of endless rain. It has been so grey and dull outside it makes you feel as though you want to stay inside, wrapped up and hibernate, until Spring appears at least. This week the children have been on half term and the weather has been wonderful. Yes it is cold, but it is February after all. The sun has been shining and the skies have been blue. We have been to the beach and met up with friends. I thought I would share a few photos.
We spent so much time at this little beach in the Summer - I can't wait to go back here soon
Dark skies starting to roll in

Another view of the coastal path

Last one - I promise!

We went on a bit of a geocache hunt this afternoon, we found one out of three which I guess was something! We did manage to walk part of the South West coast path that I have been meaning to walk for ages so I was pleased with that, but the beach at the bottom of the valley was non existent due to the high tide. The girls were desperate to paddle their feet (I think the sun confused them into thinking it was Summer) so we journeyed down the coast to another beach where the tide was less encroaching. All in all it was another lovely day, tomorrow we are meeting with friends again and then the weekend will be upon us...apparently the rain will be back in time for then so I'm determined to make the most of it!

Have fun and take care
Love Bec xxx

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Time - a thoughtful post

So, it's been half term week and I've been in a rather reflective mood. Firstly it is a BIG birthday for me at the end of this week which I have mixed feelings about, and then I'm also looking at going back into work so it will be all change for our family routine. For the last five years I've been a stay at home mum in between working from home for myself. I can safely say I have loved every minute even though I have feel guilty at times that I am lucky to spend time with my daughters watching them develop and grow. Of course it hasn't been easy and hasn't been without sacrifice. Working from home for myself means that when something goes wrong it is all down to me, in fact working in general is all down to me and working for myself I can truly see that whatever I put in I get back out. For me it has been difficult, especially in the school playground trying to 'fit' in. I'm sure many other mums feel the same and it is like a mine field out there. I enjoy the school runs, and I have made some amazing friends and meet the most inspiring parents, although since going from a full time 'working' mum to a stay at home mum that works from home it is funny how your circle changes. I have noticed that in the playground the stay at homes and the working ones seem to form their own cliques; needless to say I have lost friends but made new ones too. I don't judge in any way shape or form. Life is too short simply. We are all doing the best we can - we are all being parents and it is a hard, muddle, fun, teary journey but hell, it is so worth it. But it does make you think that people's perspective of you changes with your circumstances or your decisions, which seems somewhat judgemental.  It has been difficult for me to return to work as we have no family to help support us and my partner's hours are all over the place. Now that both my daughters are in full time school I gave the working from home a go but the last few months have been stressful to the point that I feel like I'm forever taking two steps forward, one step back. I feel ready to return to work; I want to learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy a sense of doing something for someone else, getting something back, oppose to me working from home having no sense of real achievement. So....this week I have been getting out and about with the children (thank you very much weather, you are back on point!) but also thinking how different things will be when I return to work. I want to make sure I take TIME to enjoy them, enjoy the TIME we spend together and try to make special memories. TIME does fly by to quickly, and as much as I would love to spend weeks like this - no school - no work - no worries (ha) it realistically isn't going to happen, but that is life. It is up to us how we choose to spend our TIME and who we spend it with. For me I'm hoping that working will give me more balance, as I want to try to work when the girls are at school and part time so I can spend time with them on the holidays too. It is a difficult balance to strike, but working will, hopefully, make me appreciate TIME a little more, as it is such a precious gift.

Well, I told you I was in a reflective mood!
Hope your week has been time well spent, 

Love Bec xxx

Monday, 15 February 2016

Weekend Highlights

Well, the weather has still been relentless. However, this wasn't going to deter us this weekend. Although we have been planning our zoo trip we had to put that on hold once again, we all got out despite the rain. We had a lovely trip to the beach, throwing stones in rock pools and climbing rocks trying to escape the sea. On Saturday the girls did the indoor play thing with the other half, which gave me a few hours to catch up on work. I'm not a huge indoor play fan and try to avoid them as much as I can, but having said that the kids love them and it enables them to let off steam when the weather is truly against us.
I thought I would include a few photos of our beach trip. I absolutely love the sea, whatever the weather and, although you can see from the photos, there were no blue skies or sun, I still think the light makes for a dramatic picture. For me, going to the beach helps me clear my head. It is so refreshing and there is something about the salty sea air that leaves you feeling much better. Having said that, after our beach jaunt we all come home ready to collapse, I think it feels like we haven't been out to the coast in such a while it knocked us all for six!!

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!'......even in the rain!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and managed to get out and about!

Have a lovely Monday

Love Bec


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Birthday Weekend

This weekend was my youngest Birthday. I know it is a cliche and so overused by parents, but really where has the time gone?! Due to the horrendous weather we were not able to go to the zoo as we wanted but instead Freya wanted to go to Pizza Hut so that's what we did!

I thought I would share a few photos. Despite the weather it was a lovely day catching up with family, We hope to go to the zoo this week weather permitting! As I am typing though there is a hail storm going on outside, I am just grateful to be tucked up in the warm.

This year I really didn't want to go over the top with gifts. Freya wanted a baby Annabell doll and Play doh, I also bought her a watch to help her tell the time and a Frozen Lego castle,  although my eldest has been more interested in this! I feel like every year I go over the top a little with the gifts and looking around both of their bedrooms I feel they have so much already. I wanted to give them experiences they could remember, so that is why I want to take Freya to the zoo in Paington which is much larger than our local zoo. Fingers crossed this weekend we will manage it!

   Hope you had a lovely weekend